Performance Xperiments

We have know way of knowing what a Sensuous society is or would be, but we have the possibility to explore it through a series of performance experiments.

The Performance Sense Laboratory: In The Performance Sense Laboratory unfolded at The Roskilde festival 2014 the objective is to understand the nature of the Sensuous. In a symphony of installed, intimate parallel-universal rooms, the performance artists Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK), Savage Amusement (AUS/DE), Sisters Hope (DK) and Katalin Halasz (UK)  explored how to evoke the sensuous and poetic mode of being and being together in the otherworldly space. Performers in the shape of Evokers initiated and facilitated the journey of the festival participants, who were greeted as Human Research Objects as they entered the Performance Sense Laboratory. The festival participants thus delivered data for us to get a more refined and deepened knowledge of what the sensuous actually is.

Sisters Academy: The performance group Sisters Hope (DK)  are exploring the quality of the school of a Sensuous society. Since the beginning of 2014 they have been taking over the leadership of a series of Nordic upper secondary schools (Odense, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Nuuk ending up as an interactive performance-installation at Inkonst, Malmö). The entire school is transformed and a cast of performers blend with the everyday life teachers and staff at the respective schools. It is equally a piece of art, educational development, activism and research. Sisters Academy is not only emphasizing and amplifying the value of the creative subject fields on an upper secondary school level, but even more radical these are the fundamental to all subject fields, thus, the project also seek to have an actual political impact on the educational system.

The Velvet State: Manifested in a collaborative dialogue between the two performance groups Fiction Pimps (DK) and Collective Unconscious (UK) and architects of SHJWorks (DK) at the Roskilde festival 2013. As the largest interactive performance-installatio to have ever been executed at the festival it explored what the inhabitants of a Sensuous society might be like. Greet: The Maintainers, The Bewinged, The Fetichist, Pink Narcissus, The Creature, The Critic, The Idealist, The Voyer, The Killer, The Dictator and The Alchemist…

Libra sensorium: Exploring what the library of a Sensuous society might look and be like with Hjortespring bibliotek and the Subkult program.